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Via Caravaggio 147

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Sun - Mon: Closed

Tue - Thu: 4 - 8pm

Fri - Sat: 4 - 9pm

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In October 2021, Pat went to Naples, Italy to train under Enzo Coccia who is the world renowned leading expert on Neapolitan pizza. Pat worked closely with Enzo and his son Andrea at his two Michelin star restaurants named Pizzeria La Notizia.  After hundreds of hours of work, Pat successfully completed the highest level of training. More importantly, Pat will always be part of Enzo’s restaurant family in Naples, Italy.  

Pat and his wife, Kathryn, opened Via Caravaggio 147 in the Paso Market Walk in December of 2022. The restaurant strives to provide truly authentic Neapolitan pizza to the Paso Robles region. As Pat learned firsthand in Italy from Enzo, this can only be accomplished with perfect “passione, ingrediente y tecnica”  (passion, ingredients and technique). The business name, Via Caravaggio 147 was born out of the street name and addresses of the two Michelin star restaurants in which Pat trained.  The street name in Italy of the two restaurants location is ‘Via Caravaggio’. The two addresses on the street are 53 Via Caravaggio and 94 Via Caravaggio. Pat spent countless hours working in both. As a show of respect to Enzo and both restaurants, Pat and Kathryn chose to combine the two numbers (53 + 94 = 147) and name the restaurant Via Caravaggio 147. 

Pat and Kathryn look forward to welcoming you to experience authentic Neapolitan pizza, paired with an impressive wine and beer list of rare Italian imports and some local gems, in a service environment that will make you feel like family. 

Location: Pod 2 & 4

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