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A Showcase of our Pioneering Spirit

Our marketplace supports a new generation of food purveyors – people who produce goods with respect for human, animal, and environmental well being. Our handpicked collection of the farmers, ranchers, chefs, vintners, makers, and producers are committed to the values and practices of sustainable food and supply systems. Their everyday presence in the neighborhood makes those systems available to the patrons who want to know where their food comes from and how it was made.

Preserving the Architectural Legacy

Built in 1890 by John Van Wormer– one of the first elected trustees of the newly incorporated city– the Victorian home at 1803 Spring Street is Paso Robles’ best example of the “Carpenter Gothic” architectural style. From 1980-2008 it was known as the community nursery where its lush grounds grew year-round. Now vacant and decaying, we intend on restoring the home’s original elegance and welcoming spirit to preserve its legacy for the neighborhood.

Paso Market Walk will feature the restored, architecturally significant Victorian home re-envisioned as a restaurant, short-stay one and two bedroom suites, and a series of sophisticated marketplace buildings with local purveyors. The market will also give the neighborhood a welcoming and gracious community gathering place, family-friendly outdoor commons, and water-wise gardens to enjoy. It’s a place where community can be woven, strengthened, and inspired.

Meet the Developers


Deborah Baldwin is an experienced entrepreneur with several successful businesses to her credit. In 1981 she co-founded Justin Winery and remains grateful to the city of Paso Robles for its enduring support. Lauded for her knowledge of the wine industry, appreciated for her sophisticated taste, and passionate about building community, this project is Deborah’s way of giving something back to the city that has been so good to her.

Architects & Designers

Project M Plus is an award-winning 360 brand development agency specializing in identity, interiors, and architecture. Based in Los Angeles, we chose the firm for their approach to urban development and human-centered design, and for their extensive experience working on master planning, historic preservation, restaurant and retail design, interiors, programming, branding, and marketing. After helping hundreds of companies grow with their integrated suite of creative services, their goal is unwavering – to create indelible experiences and human-centered spaces that spark creativity and conversation.

Commercial Leasing

Miramar Group has an established industry network that provides the best opportunities and information for Brokerage deals. Their Brokerage is an excellent tool for navigating the property market in the Central Coast, and their negotiation and marketing skills ensure that their clients obtain what they are looking for and more.

A breadth of knowledge and experience in Food and Beverage as well as Leasing in multi-tenant applications will serve Paso Market Walk well and ensure a strong future of vibrancy and growth.


3 minute bike ride

from downtown

City bus stops in front of the public market

5 minute taxi ride from the Amtrack train stop

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