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The Blending Lab

Wine Blending Classes


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We believe that wine brings people and cultures together, and we truly believe that wine is FUN. 


At The Blending Lab Winery, we believe that wine is a very personal experience, and that drinking wine should be FUN for everyone regardless of their knowledge, preferences, or their backgrounds. Wine is for everyone! Which is why in addition to more traditional tasting room experience, The Blending Lab offers a unique opportunity for you to join our wine blending classes to MAKE YOUR OWN WINE. 


Our favorite saying is ‘Don’t Blame The Wine’. It’s not the wine's fault that you don’t like it. Each wine tells a story of a winemaker who asks you to come along on their personal journey. But, if a wine isn’t exactly what you like to drink, we will help you figure out why and teach you how to blend wine, to align to your own personal tastes and preferences. 


Become a winemaker for the day at The Blending Lab!

Book your experience today. 

Location: The Mezzanine

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