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Colline Flower Farm

Speciality Flowers

Wed - Sun: 8am - 1pm

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Colline Flower Farm is your local source on the Central Coast for specialty flowers year round. We focus on hard to find varieties in the spring, summer and fall, and sell dried flowers and handmade wreaths in the winter.

Colline flowers began as a way to bring beauty and new beginnings to the pandemic days. We grow varieties of flowers that are hard to find locally for our fresh bouquets, as well as an extensive number of florals for drying and using in dried flower wreaths. However, this is not just your standard plant-grow-sell farm operation. We make sure we use regenerative agriculture practices and make decisions that leave the ground better than when we started. From the first no till beds, to using weeds and spent flowers to make fertilizer, to focusing on soil health above all else.

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